Trip to Golden Triangle - Shimla, Kufri and chail

I'm more an introvert person, who usually don't make friends. I have a limited number of characters that influence my life. My life is slow paced, events take time. But sometime they unfold unknowingly.

The time was around 6pm. I was about to leave from the office. The proceedings were slow and usual, when a call from AS took me by surprise.

AS is a social and emotional character. These type of persons usually go well with the girls. This thing is evident from the fact that AS has good relations not only with his GF but also with others GF. Whenever a friend spoiled relations with his girl, it's a must to take his advice.

AS: How are you?
M: Fine
AS: I'll arrive at 7.30pm at Bus stand. We'll have a drive after that
M: Ok

No questions from my side.

He called me nearly after 40 days and we had a conversation of just around 40 seconds, well this is typical me.

When i reached my room, another character JD was already there. He is a jovial character, who enjoys life

JD: You got a call from AS
Me: Just nodded in consent
JD: Don't change, we'll leave in 30 minutes.

Out of curosity, I asked 'What the plan, could you brief me?'

JD: AS is coming and we'll have a night out
Me: u, me and AS, is that all?
JD: No, riya and khyaati will also join

Riya is a friend of JD (at the time of trip and is now his GF) and khyaati is riya's sister.

I had met riya in the past but will meet khyaati for the first time. Riya is a also a jovial character just like JD but with somewhat regnant style. She don't take things as they come and has the courage to change, to push for things to happen in a certain manner.

I see myself as a total misfit in the trip. Two boys (AS and JD), two girls(Khyaati and ria) and a small car. But, still i don't know why i said yes (Maybe due to the fact that i like road trips or i wanted to avoid unnecessary arguments if i said no).

i just see this trip as a simple get together (as AS is arriving after 3 months) and will be over after 4-5 hours. But, i was unaware that AS and JD had a motive behind this trip (that i got to know after the trip was over) and it'll not be over as imagined by me.

The Start

'Where is JD?' this was the first dialogue of riya, when me and AS went to pick her up

'He'll not be going to the trip' replied AS

'Whaaaaat?' although she just said this one word, but her eyes were full of questions like why?, what happened?, Is he fine?, Why didn't you told me earlier? and so on...

'Yes, he'll not be accompanying us tonight' AS confirmed

Riya's face wore a dull look, The charm on her face was gone, expressions had fallen flat, she was totally dejected as if she had failed in exams by just 1 mark

Everyone in the car was quite. No songs, nothing. AS was driving, me sitting besides him and the girls were on the back seat.

The time was around 8.30pm

'I'm feeling hungry' AS broke the silence

'Lets eat jalebi' i said keenly

The girls nooded in consent

AS made a random call and ordered jalebis

We all were sitting inside the car. Riya was consistly looking out of the window and was less interested in any conversation.

'What the hell' riya suddenly giggled as her eye lids broaden

JD was coming from the other side with jalebis (packed) in his hand

The charm on her face returned. She smiled, her cheeks turned red again. This glow was different, everyone could see happiness in her eyes.

This was planned by JD to see if he'll be missed or not.

First shock

From the beginning of the trip i was unsure why i going to the trip. Yet, somehow i was sitting and trying to enjoy when i received the first shock of being on the trip.

'We'll be watching conjuring 2' Anoop announced

Conjuring 2 is a horror movie. I hate and equally fear watching horror movies.

Who has given him the idea to watch a movie in a road trip and if so, there are many other movies... Why horror???

I rarely object to things but this was something too much for me. I objected to the idea but all in vain as i have little or no arguments to turn tide in my favor.

It was the first and the only time i regretted the decision of being on the trip.

Inside the cinema hall with AS, My expressions clearly explaining my plight 

A long drive

A drive to shimla was on the cards. However, prior to the drive, riya insisted for a drink. Riya and JD were 2 bottles down and kyaati smoked in 2 cigrattes.

The drive was long. From mohali to shimla, it was around 120+ kms drive. AS took up the driving challenge.

Drive to shimla at night means less traffic and we could drive fast. It is always a thrilling experience.

There was rain and thunderstorm on the way, that made it even more thrilling. The weather was such that i was completely mesmerized. It seems that God is singing a romantic song, rain is the music, trees are dancing and occasional thunderstorm added to the visual aspect.

I was enjoying the song of god when i felt that earth has tilted 30 degrees and there is a sudden disturbance in the song.

I tried to concentrate again and listen to the song when a loud voice brought me back to my senses.

I rotated my head 180 degree and found that AS has taken a sharp turn at high speed and the impact was such that riya had completely fallen in the lap of JD and khyaati screamed at the top of her voice.

Riya and JD might have enjoyed that moment but it was a risky turn as it was raining, our car could skid. I advised AS to keep calm and drive slow. AS is one of the finest drivers upon whom we can trust blindly in extreme conditions.

We saw the sunrise in hilly terrain of shimla. It made me forget all my worries as if i have landed in mother's lap.

It is my dream to live in shimla (or in mountains). At-least for a day or we could say for a few hours I lived my dream.

Breakfast in hills

From there we decided to move to kufri, than to chail and than to Rajgarh; before saying good bye to the mountains.

The decision of going to Rajgarh was not an easy one. It was the result of consistent efforts by Riya.

The time was around 9.30 in the morning when we reached Chail.

Me, AS and JD at Chail Palace

The Chail Palace
The palace was beautiful but it lacked the adventure that we were looking for. Although we had traveled 200+ km but this trip lacked a proper destination. I think, this was the thing that prompted Riya to insist us for Rajgarh.

Rajgarh, the hub of adventure activities was now on our radar. But, destiny had other plans. There are two ways to Rajgarh from chail. One shorter way that involves offroad drive and other one was the main way. We took the shorter path

Off-roading was fun

We travelled, travelled and travelled but Rajgarh was No-where.

Took a break while searching for Rajgarh
It turned out to be an endless search for Rajgarh. We dropped the idea and decided to move back.

The trip was ending without even a proper destination for us but we managed to click some awesome pics

Be Happy in every situation
Random click

The drive back

It was a typical road trip. From being so enthusiastic to 'Lets move back to home' feeling, we have seen it all in this trip. The trip also saw a little in-fighting when khyaati insisted to move back after reaching shimla in the morning, but everyone else was on the other side.

The Drive back was tough. The terrain apart from alertness of the driver also demands mental fitness and endurance. Kudos to AS who single-handedly drove 250+ kms in the mountains i.e. from mohali to shimla to chail and also covered more than half way back; after that i took the driver seat.

After around 5km drive, everyone (except me) was asleep. It was me driving slowly at 40kmph in the hot afternoon. AC in the car was on and windows were up. Although slow hindi tracks were playing but there was silence inside. Everything seems to be SO CALM! SO BEAUTIFUL!

The silence inside was the joy of soul

This joy! kind of justified my presence on the trip. At the end, I had a soothing smile on face

Some trips are just nice experiences and give you memories for lifetime





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