A trip to Dharamshala, McloadGanj

"Travel brings love and power to your life." - RUMI

It was on a friend's birthday that we planned a trip to Dharamshala. Actually, we never planned, it happened on the spot. Although Going by car, it took us 7 hours to reach the destination. It's already 10pm, but the place was still abuzz. We were looking for a good place to dine and also to celebrate friend's birthday. There we were at Mcloo restaurant, the place was very much lively. Singers were singing classic Bollywood songs that makes the ambience even more joyful.

WE 4 and an awesome person PAWAN at Mcloo
As the clock strikes 12, birthday celebrations became more loud. The time was well spent with good old college buddies. An hour or 2 later we were in our hotel room. One more surprise was waiting for the birthday boy in the morning.

I always love to take a walk in the morning and watch sunrise, as it gives me eternal peace and joy. And not to forget that we were in the mountains and sunrise here is much more beautiful, so i decided to take a walk outside. Birds were singing their morning songs, school kids were on their way, people were busy performing their morning duties and in the midst of all these, i was just walking around.

'The morning walk gives time to talk with oneself and one feel much more relaxed.'

Scenic Beauty of Mcleod Ganj (Sunrise)

It's time to walk back to hotel. Back in the room, the birthday boy got his surprise and we checked out of the hotel room. The trip concluded and we were making our way back home.

A twist in the tail

Though we were in the car, owing to the narrow streets of McloadGanj we were moving at snails pace. Passing by the bus stand we saw some foreign nationals enquiring something. We had an eye contact and a charming young girl in her early twenties asked
'Are you going to Delhi?'
'Yes' came the reply.
And we stopped the car.

'So, are you going to Delhi?' She asked again to confirm
'Yes' swiftly came the Same reply.

She looked at her friends, said nothing but clearly wanted to ask if She could rely on us or not?

After some conversation with her friends, she said 'but I had my luggage in hotel room, it could take me half an hour to bring that.'
'No problem.' we replied truly.
As a responsible citizen, it always feels good, if someone takes a good impression about INDIA back to their home.

Bang on! She was back exactly after half an hour and what's more; she brought a cake for us and that too CHOCOLATE!. A trip could never have a better ending than this.

We started our journey to Delhi. She was very friendly and within no time we all were having some fruitful conversations, sharing our life experiences and cracking jokes. She was from somewhere near London and was in India for around 2 months and now going to delhi to catch a flight back home as her classes were going to start. We were not that good in english but we could converse our thoughts freely and she understood. Couldn't  exactly recount the number of hours it took to reach our destination as the journey became so joyful.

It feels good if you meet some new people and interact with them and become friends.

Somewhere between Mcleod ganj and delhi

We reached the destination, the journey concluded, said a final goodbye to her and our ways separated.

This blog post is all about travelling to new places, exploring the world, having good time with friends and meeting new people. Below, are the few people that we met on the journey and their thoughts.
'Just be awesome and have fun' - PAWAN
'God is in everyone, just follow the right path for enlightenment'- BUDDHIST MONK
'Be nice to the people and they will be nice to you'- NATALIA

And the most important:
'Feel the beauty within' - MOTHER NATURE

With these thoughts, i am concluding this post, hope you enjoyed reading and do share your views in comments.


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  2. I too visited the place. These hills have a great scenic beauty. Well! nice article.


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