A day at Kasauli Hills

It was a chilly morning, temperature was around the freezing point of water, sunrise was to take place at-least 100 minutes after, when i see a message flashing on my mobile screen "Wake Up".

Owing to the long time commitment to my childhood friends, that we will meet up on a weekend; forced me to gave up on my sleep and begin my day as early as 5 in the morning.

It was after travelling for an hour in the bus, that i realized, the darkness in the sky slowly started to fade away. The ultimate source of energy was on its way to say GOOD MORNING.

Sitting at the window seat of the bus with somewhat sleepy eyes and no thoughts in my mind, i watched the sky changing its colors from black to orange to  BRIGHT yellow. The sunrise infused a sense of CALMNESS in my mind and soul.

'Darkness was giving way to the light.'

How so ever darker the night may be, it always makes way to a bright morning.

The day couldn't have a better start then this for a traveler. I reached the destination after 5 hours journey. Meeting with my buddies almost after a gap of 2 years was the another morning gift to me.

Kasauli is a small town in Himachal Pradesh, that holds a great scenic beauty.

Scenic beauty of Kasauli

As we started to explore the town, we were greeted by a milestone that states: 'You are at 5950 ft above sea level'. The town has many tourist attraction points like Sunrise point, a famous church, Manki point, sunset point, local market.
Kasauli Church

Manki point is guarded by Indian Air Force and no mobile phones are allowed inside. The place is of religious importance to Hindus.

The time flied by and the sky turned orange again, birds came back to their homes and its time for saying goodbye to the childhood buddies.

Below are some more pics that we clicked during our trip...
With childhood buddies

A Random Click

Their is always a light somewhere, just be patient and trust yourself


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