Mumbai Diaries

“201, 202, …., 207” hmm 207
“207” I announced

“But, I counted 253” said anoop in a confident voice.

“Where did he found those extra 46 stars” I thought in my mind.

It was the night prior to our exclusive 7 days mumbai trip and there is so much excitement, anxiety that we were not able to sleep. So, we decided to count the number of stars.

“It seems that they are more than 300” said gurwinder, joining the conversation.
“You better go to sleep” said Jagdeep in wrath, pointing towards the room.

Somewhere in the midst of all those time killing conversations, we all went to sleep.

New morning, bags packed, eargerness inside, glittering eyes, its time to start our journey.

We all gathered at sirhind railway station. Paschim express was scheduled to arrive at 11.30am.

Green signal, train arrived and journey begins

Although our seats were not confirmed, the journey was full of joy and excitement. After spending a quality time of nearly 40 hours with Indian railways we reached the financial capital of India.

First time in the dream city, it was a different feeling. The craze to watch and experience the life in mumbai, as they say 'Mumbai never sleeps'.

Tired after a long journey, we took local train to reach the place already booked for our stay. The place was in kings circle matunga. We decided to take a nap and explore town, the following day.

Morning in a new city, it's time to take a ride.

gateway of India
Gateway of India
Tourists take a taxi and visit the famous places, travelers prefer local transport to experience the flavor of the city.

Day 1

The day to relate with the city. The day that taught us the basics of being in mumbai.

While roaming, we asked a roadside vendor "Bhaiya, yahan koi punjabi dhaba hai".

'I am a Marathi not bhaiya' he replied proudly.

Lesson 1: Don't call any roadside vendor bhaiya.

mumbai day 1 at kings circle

Schedule for the day was already planned. We visited IIT mumbai to see their annual Technical festival.

IIT mumbai
At IIT Mumbai

Day 2

This day, we decided to explore popular places like Gateway of India, Taj hotel and other places.

mumbai kings circle
Outside khalsa college, mumbai

Took the cruize ride to elephanta caves, the place apart from its scenic beauty is also most peaceful and joyful,

Random click

The evening was the most pleasurable. Dined in hotel taj. (This was also somewhat an emotional thing, as this was the place was the 26/11 Mumbai attacks happened.)

A salute to all those soldiers who fought with terrorists and also to people of Mumbai to restore the glory of Taj.

Mumabi taj hotel
Taj hotel

The day ended while exploring Colaba, the place has a great ambience, people of all colors and background could be seen enjoying. While, on the way back we encountered a place that we should not be visiting as suggested in the following quote.
There are some places in Mumbai, that you should avoid visiting. - A great advice by highly respected Billu 22.

Day 3

The day, almost tired, we woke up late and reserved the day for shopping, visiting malls etc.

manchester united cafe mumbai
First Manchester united cafe of India

mumbai beach
Click with some foreign nationals

Explored the malls of mumbai, met a few TV stars, lots of pictures clicked. The sky was already dark and it time to go back and pack our bags for the next morning train back to home.

mumbai mall
Random click

Mumbai has a very big heart. It greets tourists with so much warmth that one never wants to say goodbye to this awesome city.

Showdown time

Mumbai was a very week long trip and will be remembered for lifetime. Each friend of mine must be having his/her own reason to remember this trip. Below are some memories that made me laugh when i think about the mumbai trip.

Missing the Local

It was on the first day. I was unaware that around 5-7pm there would be huge rush in the mumbai locals. Friends have warned me that there will be huge rush and you have to make your way to catch the train.

I am bit relaxed guy and take things easy.

The train arrived. Hustle bustle to catch the train started. I kept standing at the last waiting for other people to get in and after that i'll go.

As i was watching other people making their efforts to get in, suddenly i heard the train bugle. An expression of concern appeared on my face. There were still 10-15 people in front of me trying hard to get-in.

When i put my first step forward to make my way, train started and within 10 seconds it was gone.

I was expressionless. No thoughts crossing my mind. I kept on scratching my head for the next 60 seconds trying to figure out what happened.

How could train go, leaving so many people behind?

Wait! where are my friends? They are also all gone.

Alone in the new city, it was a mixed feeling. Just 5 minutes prior i was all excited to be in mumbai, now the feeling of being lost in the crowd takes over.

While i was in my thoughts, I sensed something vibrating in my pant. It was my mobile.

"Did you get in the train?" a loud voice from other side questioned.

"No, i missed it"

"I told you earlier to make some efforts to get-in, you lazy-ass" he scolded me.

I cut the phone.

Asked people when the next local will arrive. It was to arrive in 10 minutes.

This time i took it on my ego, as soon as the next local arrived, i pushed people recklessly and guess what? I was in the top 10 to get into the train.

It was a winning feeling as if i had won a gold medal in national games.

The feel was different, i stood like a king in the train.

Awakening of an actor

"I am too tired, i wanted to go to the room" said a co-traveler.

It was around 8pm and we were roaming on the streets from 10 in the morning.

"Everyone is saying let's go, let's go, but no one is moving out from here" she said in a bit louder voice, as she felt being ignored.

"keep calm, we are going to the room" came the assurance.

With each passing minute, she was becoming more restless.

"Could you do some acting?" i asked


"Just act, as if you are fainting."

She readily agreed, as if she was waiting for the moment.

The next moment, she raised her hand, put it on her head and fainted.

I raised the alarm.

Jagdeep, a tall, strong, fit guy lifted her and carried her to the taxi. The taxi was almost 200 meters away. She was enjoying the ride (in jagdeep's arms) and the attention she was receiving.

Her acting was commendable, i wonder how an actor inside her awakens and that too in mumbai 

A Lesson

It was on day 2 at gateway of India.
A few of our group members boarded the cruise and waited patiently for the ride to start, while others (including me) were busy clicking pics outside Taj Hotel.

There were many photographers roaming there, claiming to give printed photographs in 5 minutes. I trusted him, but he made me wait for about 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime, the cruise started and left for elephanta caves and i along with 3 friends (Gurwinder, Jagdeep and Anoop) were left behind, leaving us no option but to take the next cruise.

Anoop got a little upset.

"What is this? You should have told the captain to wait for us" he called sukhwinder.

"We made him wait for 5 minutes, but you were late."

"Then you should have left the cruise"

"What's the big deal, catch the next one" Sukhwinder tried to passify furious Anoop Singh.

The discussion got lengthier and louder. Each one wants to prove that he is right. The scene appeared just as Congress and BJP fight in parliament whenever any crisis happen in the country.

They exchanged a few more dialogues and anoop cut the phone in anger.

Friends don't get offended when you insult them. They smile and call you something more offensive
There was way more drama involved before the two patched up in the evening.

Although this episode ended in a fun way, but it do teach us a lesson about travel in group and life.

While travelling in a group you need to understand each other needs and situation before you react.
The issue was small, but the way in which they reacted made it big.

The same is true with the journey of life. There may come many situations in life that seems unfavorable, harsh but your attitude towards them makes the difference.

You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it.


mumbai trip
Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Keep travelling, keep wandering, keep smiling


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