A Day off

It was a typical Monday morning.

The day started with usual routine activities, going to the gym and after that 5 minutes of extra sleep in the morning that turned into 1 hour.

It was around 9 am and I was about to get ready for the office when my office colleague and college friend Pariney arrived.

We use to go to office together.

'You are again late, I had called you 30 minutes before to get ready' said pariney in anger.

'Just 5 minutes'

'Go fast, I need to go home early today'


Pariney is a clear hearted, honest person and expressed his views clearly on any topic without keeping any double standards.

I was taking bath and pariney was standing in the sun listening to good Punjabi songs then suddenly he called my name 'Rishabh'

'2 minutes more' I somehow felt that he must be super angry at me and tried to do things as fast as I can.

'How about going to Kasauli today' he said in a little relieved tone.

Kasauli is nearly 60 -70km from Chandigarh and is kind of second home for people living in Chandigarh and nearby areas.

We are those kind of people whose first priority is to enjoy life and studying, doing job all these comes secondary.

I immediately agreed and asked him to inform the HR that we two are not coming to office for the day.

Past 60 minutes and we were on the road on pariney's activa.

On kalka shimla highway, I was on the back seat and pariney was driving.

Stopped at a roadside dhaba to take a break

Reached kasauli, relaxed, enjoyed the scenic beauty. 

Images will better describe the beauty rather then words. So, below are some of our pics after reaching kasauli.

Outside the famous church

There is also a sacred Hindu temple in Kasauli under the surveillance of Indian Air Force. Cameras are not allowed there. It is belived that when Lord hanuman was taking Sanjeevani booti, his thumb of foot hit that top of the mountain as it is the highest mountain in that himalyan range.

On the way back, an interesting incident happened, below is the detail.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

The trip was great and we enjoyed our day off from the office. On the way back, when we were around 30km's from home, water was spilled on the road as construction was going on.

We were riding at our own speed, when we saw 4 girls in maruti racing ahead of us. I don't know what comes in pariney's mind, he accelerated the speed. I didn't say anything.

After racing for about 500 metres he overtook the maruti car on a sharp turn as they slowed down. It was a moment of proud for us and we overtook them with our heads held high with pride as if we have won a medal in national games and President will honor us now.

But, destiny had other plans.

The turn was sharp, the road was slippery and  ........ and we were not able to slow down.

Humpty dumpty had a great fall

There comes the happy moment for girls. They were watching all this from behind.

Nobody came to pick us up. We were like that bad, naughty child of class who were getting punished in front of whole class and everyone was laughing on seeing us.

The girls had a hearty laugh.

The feeling of winning a natinal medal in games is gone now and president will not honour us NOW! It's Official!

After that, we came back home at the speed of 20km/hr.

Well! that's a small travel tale of mine with a good friend, bunking the office and getting punished by KARMA.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day



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